As photographers, we are used to reacting flexibly to situations. Many of the world's famous shots have been taken this way. But there are also shots that require careful and possibly elaborate preparation and efforts. The 2022 workshops' offer something of both aspects. They are already open for registration. Individual workshops will be "fine-tuned" in the coming weeks.



In addition to landscape photography, this year I was particularly interested in the subject of wood. Inspired by a wood preparation seminar by Bernd Miggel, I dived deaper into this topic and have been fascinated ever since. When cutting wood, there are standard cutting planes (transverse, radial and tangential). For this compilation, I have chosen only tangential cuts. I also defined the term "wood" a bit broader and also cut woody material (e.g. the hops). The sections were stained with different colors (e.g. three-part staining according to Robin Wacker, consisting of arcridine red, acriflavine and astra blue). All images are stacked and stitched.

How woodcuts are made can be read in this article for MGW (in German). 


Golden autumn! In preparation for the workshop "Naturfotografie im Herbst", I am currently on a preliminary excursion in the "Ennstal". It is typical autumn weather (inversion weather), vallies are full of fog, but above the sun is shining. However, if you want to photograph water or better waterfalls, an overcast sky is more advantageous. I have compiled a small gallery from pictures taken in the last few days. 




Corona has led to some necessary changes in this year's program. Workshops can now be offered online if there is interest. In this case the focus will be on microscope imaging.

For next year the first dates are already fixed. There are - as usually - workshops, which take place in Schloß Weinberg and there are also excursions to interesting places in Austria.

More about the events can be found here


From the pictures taken during the workshop "Naturfotografie im Frühling" I have compiled a small gallery.
In addition, there are also some impressions that give an insight into the workshop activities.



We hoped it and now it becomes true! The first workshop can take place. it will take plade at Wildalpen. Since we will be primarily outdoors, adherence to the corona rules is no problem and the accommodations are "corona-fit" too.

There are still some places left. Please book directly with the Prager Fotoschule

Riesenmammut klein

I am currently dismantling the exhibition "Ein Blick in die Natur", an exhibition that featured 70 images. Of these, 49 large format prints presented on the wall, the remaining pictures in three presentation boxes.

The Galerie Schloss Weinberg is a wonderful place to present these pictures. I have known and appreciated the location for many years. First as a student of the Prager Fotoschule and then as a presenter of many different workshops around topics of photography.

Unfortunately, due to Covid, the exhibition could not be visited as planned, the castle is closed and also our hope for the opening at Easter was disappointed. Only a handful of people were able to visit the exhibition on site. That this situation is unsatisfactory for the artist/photographer and also for the host gallery can surely be understood by everyone and inspired me to offer virtual tours directly from the gallery. So about 100 people from Austria and abroad could see the pictures. For me and probably for most of the visitors this was a premiere and I will offer such virtual tours also at future exhibitions. The big advantage is the direct contact with the visitors and the possibility to answer questions about the pictures directly.

Despite all the limitations, I am very glad that the exhibition was not canceled and my special thanks go to Sepp for printing and mounting the pictures, competent assistance in selecting and hanging the pictures and who is - last but not least - a good friend to me.

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